Shipping/ Issues/ General

Shipping Live Animals
We ship Mondays and Tuesdays only with no exceptions. We will not ship if the temperature is below 40°F (4°C) or above 90°F (32°C) at both sending and receiving locations. Please understand that you will need to be home to receive your package or be able to pick them up once they arrive at your local facility that day.

Available Shipping Countries
At this time we are only able to ship live animals within the USA except for Alaska, US Territories, and Hawaii. All other products can be shipped within the USA including Alaska and Hawaii. We are currently working on fine tuning our shipping process and hope to expand our shipping map in the near future!


Non Returnable

Live animals are non-returnable. If you wish to return your animal to us due to the inability to care for them, sending them back is at your expense. However before buying any animal from A2F please understand that shipping an animal requires: Proper bagging, oxygen, stress preventive medication, proper shipping labels, direct communication from a carrier that will accept live animals, and expedited overnight/ 2-day shipping costs. 

We normally do not accept animal returns due to the fact that once the animal reaches your tank they may be exposed to or contract illness that we strived to keep from our animals here at A2F.


Arrival Issues/ DOA

As soon as your animal arrives you will need to inspect their condition. Handling through shipment may cause discoloration, torn fins, stress, and sometimes lethargic behavior. Though stressful and disheartening, these conditions can quickly be resolved by immediately starting the acclimation process to your desired habitat. Most issues will resolve. Torn fins will heal over time and will not affect the health of your animal.

In the unlikely but unfortunate event that your animal has arrived deceased you must contact us within 3 hours of the shipper's recorded delivery time. Send us an email to with a time stamped image or video of the animal in the enclosed bag. Once we can confirm the report of DOA we will send you a refund for the price of the animal. Shipping cost will not be included. You may also request a replacement animal. In the event you would like a replacement, we will deduct the cost of the DOA animal from the cost of the replacement. A new shipping charge is required and any remaining costs of the replacement if the animal costs more, it will be required to be paid before we ship again.

We will do our best to make things right for our customers however if it is due to negligence or not following package pickup policy we will be unable to provide you with a refund.


Stickers are non refundable, non replaceable. We strive to ensure all our vinyl stickers are top quality, fun, and weird. We cannot replace stickers due to ill placement, weathering, washing, natural disasters, if your dog eats them, or mishandling. Please do not put your stickers on the inside of your aquarium. Why would you do that anyway?


Quality Guarantee
Aqua2Fauna guarantees that your animal is free from sickness, illness, and parasites. We test our tanks regularly, quarantine any illnesses, ensure all of our animals are happy, healthy, and spoiled.

Any animal for sale on our website with an abnormality will have that abnormality listed on their card. If any person fails to read the individual animal's card before purchase and requests a refund or replacement of the animal due to that abnormality, your request will be denied. We strive to have 100% transparency with our customers and will always list accurate information about animals for sale. We strive to provide top of the line care and accurate information.

If you need help with caring for your animal, have any questions, or concerns feel free to contact us. We will ensure to take the utmost time and assistance to help our customers feel comfortable, secure, and confident within the fishkeeping community.